Turkish Imported Machine Washable rugs from Cozy to Chic

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Size Guide

When looking for the perfect rug for home, assess the space. Who uses the room? What type of furniture do you have or will you have in the future? What is the surface like? Is there a lot of foot traffic? 

If you are not sure how big of a rug that you need, test it out with newspaper and arrange your furniture like how you would like it to be placed.

Bedroom Size Guide


Who wants to put a bare feet down on a cold floor after waking up? A rug placed next to your bed gives your feet something soft and warm to step on.

Dining room Size Guide

Dining room

In a dining room, ideally all your dining room chairs should fit into the rug.

Living room Size Guide

Living room

A living room without a rug will feel unfinished. In a seating area, ideally the rug should be a little smaller than the seating arrangement unless you don't like your floor.