Turkish Imported Machine Washable rugs from Cozy to Chic

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Product Care Guide

Stain Removal

Blot initially: Blot both sides of the stain using a clean white cloth to remove excess liquid.

Spritz water: Add cold water on both sides of the stained area. Blot again, if needed.

Apply stain remover: Dampen the stain with stain remover and leave it on for 5-30 mins:

Soak up stain remover: Blot the stain again to soak up the stain remover.


If your rug has stains, it is recommended to pre-treat tough stains before putting them in the washing machine. Refer to “Stain Removal” for instructions.

Place the rug inside the washer with design side out.

Add a gentle, non-bleach liquid detergent.

Don’t use fabric softener.

Wash in cold water on a delicate cycle.


Air-dry: Air-drying helps to extend the life of the rug. After the washing cycle is finished, cut down on the drying time by squeezing out the excess water. Lay the rug flat to dry. Don't place the rug under direct sunlight as it could fade the design.

Dryer: Place the rug in the dryer on low heat.


Vacuum using the lowest suction and low power setting with the beater bar / brush turned off.

Avoid vacuuming any tassels or fringes, as these can get stuck in your vacuum.